From Stressed Out to Peaced Out in 20

It takes only a second for us to get stressed out on any given day. We may walk along feeling relaxed a happy and then some seemingly innocuous event will totally flip. us. out. There are so many ways to keep your head and heart on straight floating around the media that sometimes it can be overwhelming. The truth is, when you find yourself a little jiggy it is your bodys way of saying “slow the (*&^ down!”. Simply taking a few minutes of your time to notice and honor that feeling will do wonders for setting you straight again.

Each link below has many meditations to choose from, so take a minute to look through them and see what speaks to you. All of these talented individuals have very soothing voices… no mowing lawns or snow blowing with headphones please;)

Next week I am leading a Guided Visualization and Abstract Painting class at Palettes in Natick, MA. I came across these wonderful websites when I sat down this morning to work on the script I will be using for the evening and I felt like I needed a little inspiration. I ended up spending a large part of the day listening to these guided meditations (I know – poor me, right?). Some of the recordings I was listening to are ones I own, but then I began to dig into what is available for free to all of us any time. I found some wonderful meditation recordings and teachers to share with you!

*I have no affiliation with any of these teachers, just sharing some great talent.

3 Short Guided Meditations

1. Elisabeth Blaikie

2. Tara Brach

3. Christopher Germer

<3 Liza

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